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Reusable Nibp Cuff factory
Neonate,infant,pediatric,adult,small adult,large adult reusable nibp cuff,single tube 10-15cm with TPU and nylon
1.reusable NIBP cuff
2.dual  tubes, bladder selectable / brown,  nylon/pu material
4.thigh/ adult/ pediatric/ neonatal/ infant  blood pressure cuff  available
Compatibla brand:
GE-Marqutte,Datex-Ohmeda,GE-(Marqutte) with,male quick-connect,type  connector,Dinama plus,XL,SL/XP,8100,series,Each GE,corometrics;Critikon;Datex-Ohmeda-with one,male and one female, quick connect  type,connector;CAS; NEW  Welch-Allyn, vital  signs  modelswi
Mindray,philips,zoll,spacelabs,goldway,datascope,CSI,colin,philips 78352a/c,78354a/c,m1008a/b m1176a,m1350b,m3000a,m3001a
Warranty: One year warranty and one months guarantee for replacement.
Package: Standard, Separate package , then put in outer box
Delivery time:1-3 working days for sample and 5-7 working days for big order.  
suitable for all domestic brands.OEM/ODM available,
dual hose,single hose,disposable,reusable kinds of specifications
neonate arm width:8~13cm
infant arm width:10~19cm
child arm width:18~26cm
adult arm width:26~36cm
larger adult arm width:33~48cm
adult thigh width:46~68cm
1.replacement tubing(air hose) for sphygmomanometers,wall manometers,aneroid gauges,and automated blood pressure systems.
2.available in adult,large adult,pediatric,neonatal styles and infant and thigh,single&double tubes,bladder or without bladder
3.durable tubing with good current nature,steady quality,meet the medical standard strictly
4.TPU bladder,strong enough for repeated inflation,can be inflated for more than 80000 under the pressure of 500mmhg
5.convenient and easy to clean by warm water
6.easy to adjust the measurement range accordingly
7.variety of connection types to fit multiple monitoring systems
We also manufacture and supply the following items:
1.All kinds of Spo2 Sensors for different brands,
2.Spo2 sensor extension cable,
3.Disposable spo2 sensor,
4.ECG cable with lead wires,
5.EKG cable and lead wires
6.Temperature probe,
7.IBP transducers and cable,
8.NIBP cuffs and hose,
9.ECG and EKG electrodes.
10.heater wire adaptorReusable Nibp Cuff factory
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